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The Art of launching a book

Gallery Girl is my tenth novel, a romp through the chucklesome world of contemporary art. My favourite character is sexy, naughty Zeb Spaw, the baddest art bad boy who ever picked up a paintbrush (and then put it straight back down because nailing knickers to chopping boards was so much easier and got him more headlines). Because I had such fun writing about him and the terrible works he produces, I decided to actually pretend to be him, do my own spoof contemporary art exhibition and mount it in a smart London gallery.

‘angry-with-britain’ has attracted a great deal of attention from the art world already ('Hilarious' The Daily Telegraph 2/8/10). You can see Zeb's/my entire 'oeuvre' on the website, just click the title or the exhibition catalogue to the right (scroll down and enlarge on screen to get the full show). Highlights include 'Flash in the Pan', a fierce critique of celebrity culture in the form of a gold-sprayed loo. 'Pants' is a meditation on the human condition through the medium of a pair of large white Y fronts. 'Hunter Gatherer' is a consideration of the shop-till-you-drop ethic expressed with abandoned shopping lists picked up from trolleys in the local Waitrose. Enjoy - and be angry!!

Otherwise, I've been up to all sorts this month; read about My Afternoon With a Cagefighter, My Lunch With The Woman Who Paints With Her Breasts and other eye-widening encounters in News. Or why not sign up for my newsletter, a smorgasbord (or perhaps dessert trolley) of all happenings in Wendworld, sent direct to your inbox every four weeks. I've uploaded lots of new pictures – look at My Garden and I Love to see what. Do enjoy looking around, please come back soon and don't forget to e mail me. I love getting your messages.


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