Historical Fiction Giveaway!

Until June 11 2020!

A lucky US reader can win a FREE COPY of my new novel, THE ROYAL GOVERNESS, about the childhood of Queen Elizabeth II! Enter NOW and have a right royal read for those summer days in the garden! Part of a Great Historical Fiction Giveaway from Berkley Publishing to go live from May 28 until June 11 2020.

Sweepstakes 2!

Until May 14 2020!

American readers have another chance to win a free advance copy of my new novel THE ROYAL GOVERNESS, about the childhood of Queen Elizabeth II. Enter now for a right royal Lilibet-tastic lockdown read! Good luck!

Image of quotations praising The Governess

American Sweepstake!

Until APRIL 2 2020. My lovely U.S. publisher Berkley is holding a sweepstakes where a lucky 10 American readers can win an early copy of The Royal Governess, about the childhood of Queen Elizabeth II. Marion Crawford, a spirited young Scotswoman, was hired as her governess and determined to bring normality to the remote and formal life of her royal pupil. She took the little princess on the Tube, shopping at Woolworth’s and even started a Buckingham Palace Girl Guide pack. It’s a story never told before, about the world’s most famous woman and the lively young teacher who made her the Queen we love today.

U.S. residents can enter for a chance to win the book at the link here. Best of luck!

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AUGUST 20 2020
The Governess is published in the UK by Welbeck Publishing

AUGUST 25 2020
The Royal Governess is published in the USA by Berkley, an imprint of Penguin Random House

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