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2018 IS GOING TO BE A BUSY ONE. The main event is the launch of my latest glossy-mag comedy Last of the Summer Moet, a follow-up to last year’s Three Weddings And A Scandal. For a synopsis of the plot, click here. I am now working on the third comedy in the series, a glossy… Read more »

May brings sunshine and blossom to Derbyshire

MAY BRINGS SUNSHINE AND BLOSSOM TO DERBYSHIRE. AND CYCLISTS. You can’t move at the moment for straining buttocks, heaving thighs and bulging calves bent on gaining a summit without getting off and milking it. Middle-aged men in Lycra love our hilly landscape. One MAMIL I know has some spectacular bicycling outfits including a Union Jack… Read more »

Cold weather has its compensations

DAWN WAS ALL BROWN FOG TO T S ELIOT IN THE WASTE LAND. But up here in Derbyshire, as we edge toward spring, it’s red and beautiful. As the sun rises, a sky like scarlet smoke turns a hazy grey and gold. Cold weather has its compensations. Making crème de cassis is another. Kir is… Read more »

Derbyshire Winters

I MAKE THE MORNING JOURNEY to my writing hut with a torch this time of year; the garden is still dark and the various paths bend and dip. My way is marked by the indignant outbursts of disturbed wrens and blackbirds. I am greeted at my hut door by a welcome burst of electric light…. Read more »

Festival Fever

  FESTIVALS HAVE NEVER BEEN SO POPULAR! WHICH IS WHY I DECIDED TO SET MY NEW COMEDY, WILD & FREE (OUT NOW), AT ONE. It’s the first festival novel, therefore breaking new literary ground! It seemed to me that there were endless comic and dramatic opportunities among the Hunter wellies and celeb Winnebagoes. I explored… Read more »